Pilates & Yoga for Runners

Here at Balanced Motion we love collaborating with other health focused groups.  On Wednesday June 12th The Running Link is bringing their running clinic to BMPY for an introduction into the benefits that Pilates and Yoga can offer runners. Runners love that feeling of freedom and joy. But running your best and maximizing that awesome feeling comes with a strong core: your abdominals, lower back and gluteal muscles. Core strength is the primary force that controls motion in the hips and spine when you run. Weakness or lack of sufficient coordination in the core muscles can lead to less efficient movements, compensatory movement patterns, strain, overuse and injury.

Cross-training with Pilates and Yoga improves your running performance through a stronger core, increased flexibility and improved posture. Applying Pilates and Yoga basics will strengthen your diaphragm and stretch tight rib muscles to improve breathing – all to help you run longer and harder with less effort. We are really excited to share these options to this year’s running clinic.  If you run, consider what Pilates and Yoga cross-training can do for you.

Below are a couple stretches for you runners out there!

Hip Swayship sways

  • Start lying on your back with your knees bent and your feet wide apart (wider than your hips).
  • Reach your arms to the sides
  • Look at the ceiling.
  • Sway both knees to the right (as shown in the photo)
  • Reach your left (top) knee away from you so that the front of your left hip lengthens.  Your left hip will lift up off the mat a bit.
  • Hold for 3 breaths and switch.  Repeat 3 times on each side.

Modified Pigeon Posemodified pigeon

  • Lie on your back.
  • Cross your right ankle over left knee.
  • Reach right arm through your legs and left arm on outside of left leg and clasp, pulling legs toward you. Relax right outer hip.
  • Hold for five breaths, then change legs.



Lisa Goddard
Balanced Motion Pilates & Yoga

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