Stretches for the Desk Jockey

Torture thy name is all day desk work!

I am always incredibly grateful for a career that allows me to move so much. Sadly all day desk work is a daily reality for so many people (I was there at one point myself). The human body, however, is not made to sit, it is made to move.

Our joints are moveable parts and the muscles that support them are designed to move. When we sit for a living we create patterns of muscle tension and poor posture. When you throw stress into the mix you would be amazed by the additional negative affects it can have on the body ( increased muscle tension, indigestion, risk of heart disease, poor elimination, and the immune system can weaken, just to name a few).

Getting up and moving frequently as well as taking some time to connect to our breath is so important on many levels.

Below is a series of stretches to help promote length to your sitting muscles, improve digestion, and help reduce stress levels.

 Desk series stretches

Pilates Teacher Training: Not for the Faint of Heart! Part 2

Pilates Teacher Training: Not for the Faint of Heart Part 2

indexWell folks…..I did it! I am a Body Harmonics Certified Pilates Mat Instructor! It felt weird even typing that….it is unbelievable that this experience has wrapped up already. (Although very happy I don’t have to do the long trek to Toronto for a while now).

The last two Modules of my course were very busy, verrrry long days. Our instructor, Jane, made these long, sometimes stressful days, a little less so with her amazing personality and teaching style. This, I believe, helped me, along with my colleagues, to feel confident that we could make it through this even though it felt overwhelming at times. I’ll be honest, there were a couple of times that I thought…”Oh my god what have I gotten myself into! I can’t remember all this…this is too much!” But by the end of the course we all felt  “You know what… ya we aren’t going to know everything there is to know about the body right out the gate…it’s almost impossible! But we know enough that we can guide a class safely and efficiently. The rest will come with practice, experience and further education.”

All in all, deciding to take the Pilates teacher training course was one of the best decisions I have made for myself. I am excited to start teaching and learning more about the complex and wondrous human body! Being able to help people connect with themselves and feel good is going to be the best gift of all. Looking forward to seeing you in classes in the New Year 😀

Anna Reid, Certified Pilates Mat Instructor

(I think I will get used to writing that 🙂 )

Friday Education: TOESOX MANIA!

Happy Friday Friends!

Here at Balanced Motion Pilates and Yoga we love promoting anything that is beneficial to health and wellness (obviously haha) This week we would like to put a spotlight on Toesox. We love these cool socks that have so many benefits!

ImageImage courtesy of

Toesox are socks with a patented non-slip grip that are great for Yoga and Pilates, as well as any other barefoot activity. The Toesox five toe design promotes toe strength and toe flexibility by allowing independent movement of your toes. Toesox keep the toes spread and separated so that the toes can stretch naturally. They also increase balance, increase control and encourage flexibility and strength of the feet.

Our poor toes and feet have been crammed into shoes and socks that don’t allow them to move freely and stretch. Wearing Toesox on a regular basis can help the toes accomplish this stretch.

For more information about Toesox click here.

P.S We carry the Toesox line at our Studio 🙂


Happy Feet

Happy Feet

By Lisa Goddard

At this time of year we all seem “run off our feet”. The festivities and preparations for the upcoming Holiday Season can quite literally leave us with an aching body…including our often neglected feet.  One of my favourite practices for foot and leg health is Body Rolling the sole of the foot.  Not only can you relieve many foot pains (including Plantar Fasciitis) this way but you needn’t rely on anyone else to be available to massage your feet.  This practice involves you rolling a small ball (as in a tennis ball or something similar) between the sole of your foot and the floor.  In doing so, you can release muscles that have become cramped or overworked, release fascia that has become tight or bound down, and bring back balance to your feet.  Let’s face it; we generally expect our feet to keep on holding us up without complaint, right?  When you treat your feet to Foot Rolling, you can relieve lots of aches and pains, improve circulation to the feet, regulate hypersensitivity of the feet and improve your feeling of connection to the surface you stand on: all of the above has the added bonus of helping your sense of balance and posture.

When Foot Rolling, you can be seated or standing: providing less or more stimulation to the feet. If using a tennis ball please roll on a carpeted surface or a Yoga (or Pilates) Mat to reduce the ball’s tendency to scoot away.  Foot Rolling can be done quickly, so you don’t need to set aside tons of time.  Try following the routine below using a tennis ball. Other balls that work well are rubber balls like our Pinky Ball, the Acuball Mini, or various hard rubber dog balls (its true!).
foot 1foot 2acuball

Foot Rolling Routine

Perform routine standing or (for less intensity) sitting in an upright chair.

1.   Begin circling the heel pad.

2.   Roll up outer border of foot to little toe and back a few times, finishing at little toe.

3.   Roll across ball of foot to great toe joint and back a few times.

4.   Place heel on floor and roll ball across base of toes to great toe and back, spreading toes onto the ball, end at great toe.

5.   Lift heel and roll ball along inner border of foot (arch) to the heel and back a few times

6.   Now roll into the arch, circling or up and down

7.   Stand and compare the feeling of both feet

8.   Repeat other foot.

Enjoy the beautiful feeling of relaxed, warm and pain-free feet during this Holiday Season and throughout your upcoming year!

Recipe of the Week: Portugese Salad

Portuguese Salad

·        ½ lb. cod chopped in coarse sections

·        Chopped garlic clove

·        Salt & pepper

Coat cod in oil. Place in steamer & add garlic salt and pepper. Steam 4-5 minutes covered.

·        1 green pepper coarsely chopped

·        1 red pepper coarsely chopped

·        Coarsely chopped fresh cilantro (coriander) & fresh mint

·        6 green onions (chop white and green parts)

Toss ingredients together.

Add cod with some oil. Toss gently & refrigerate 15 mins.

Then squeeze half lemon over it. Add cherry tomatoes to decorate.

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