Bouncing Into the New Year

By: Lisa Goddard

Last week was our first full week of teaching classes in 2014.  In planning my classes I found myself drawn to the Rebounders. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of trying a Rebounder, think mini-trampoline with a handle.  I was not feeling my best physically last week but the minute I began that up/down motion of the bounce I began to feel good.  Bouncing for as little as 2 minutes can bring a smile to the face.  

Some of you might be imagining the kind of bouncing we get on a full size trampoline. Although that is definitely a rush (and sometimes pretty random and risky), the kind of “good” I was feeling came from a bounce that was a fraction of the height with a whole lot more control. One never needs to feel out of control on the Rebounder, with or without using the handle (called a Stability Bar).  Rebounders come with varying amounts of stretch on the bouncing surface.  Our Rebounders are pretty firm. So how come I can get the same sensation of wellbeing without the big bounce?

It has to do with the up/down motion; the play of gravity with the forces of acceleration and deceleration in the body. According to Albert E. Carter in his book Rebounding Exercise, the interplay of these forces in Rebounding creates a setting where the whole body is strengthening and getting lots of cardio work, therefore improving lung capacity, while protecting lower body and spinal joints from jarring impact.  The cardio work can help with weight loss.  The deep muscle conditioning trains the pelvic floor muscles as well. The compression forces of gravity/anti-gravity on the Rebounder are excellent and safe for building bones.  Rebounders train your balance and develop core muscular stability.  All good stuff right? But all these benefits still don’t explain why I felt so good after such a short time bouncing.

Some of the other great benefits of Rebounding as exercise include the stimulation of the circulatory, neurological, digestive and lymphatic systems in the body.  You can imagine that any cardio exercise improves circulation in the body.  Rebounding creates muscular contractions in the legs that assist in pumping blood back to the heart to improve blood circulation dramatically.  In a micro-nutshell the lymphatic system acts like your body’s central vacuum system, ridding your body of inflammation and toxins. Rebounding stimulates the lymphatic system and this can help you stay healthier. At this time of year aren’t we all looking for ways to stay healthy?

Above all, the activity of bouncing up and down is downright fun!! One’s feet needn’t leave the surface of the Rebounder to stimulate all the great effects in the body so it is great for people who are dealing with illness or are in a deconditioned state. Yet, if we really get active on the Rebounder, it is a phenomenal workout for seasoned athletes too. 

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of Rebounding, click here.

At Balanced Motion Pilates and Yoga, you can check out these Classes Featuring Rebounders.  I hope to see you in class soon! 

Body Tone Mondays 9:30-10:30

Sculpt and Tone Tuesdays 12:00-1:00

Cardio Sculpt Thursdays 12:00-1:00

Rebounder Circuit Thursdays 5:15-6:15


I invite you to share your experience with Rebounders with us here or in person.  Happy bouncing 🙂

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2 comments on “Bouncing Into the New Year

  1. Thank you for this information, it might be just what I need! J I’m going to do it! If I was closer, I would attend a class. Thank you, Gazel

  2. Hi Anna Could you please mention to Lorie that I am not able to make the 4:15 yoga class today! Will try for next week.. Thanks


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