Meditation…Everyone Should Do It! (peer pressure encouraged ;) )

Happy Friday Friends!


Most of us have heard of meditation….and I would say it’s probably safe to assume that most of us don’t do it. We say “Who has time for that?”, and “Umm… I’m not into sitting and chanting” or “I can’t sit still for that long”. I would be lying if I said at one point I haven’t said one or more of these statements. BUT meditation does not necessarily have to be done one way or the highway. This great article gives us some insight to what meditation really is and how it is soooo very beneficial for us (especially in today’s “plugged in” world). Click here to take a look and see how you can integrate a little meditation into your day 😀

FUN FACT: Here at the Studio we have a Mindfulness Meditation class every Friday morning from 9:45-10:15. Cost is a donation for the local food bank. What a great way to help yourself and others.  Have a safe and happy weekend everyone!

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