Blog of the Week: What the heck is Hump Day?

What the heck is Hump Day?camel

OK…I know it is Wednesday but what does Hump Day really mean and why should we care? And, more importantly, how does it relate to what we do here at Balanced Motion Pilates and Yoga?   Of course, when I am not really sure what the answer is, I do what many of you do and that is I “google” it . As an aside, my son would be horrified if he read this as apparently “it sounds weird when mothers say, “google” and really people don’t say that anymore..who knew??

Back to Hump Day. Many of the answers that I came across talked about slogging through Monday and Tuesday to finally get to Wednesday, rejoicing on the top of the hill on Wednesday ( picture doing a happy dance, blowing a big horn etc.) and then doing a tuck and roll in to the weekend totally exhausted.

All of this being said, I would like to challenge you to think about your week in a different way. You come in to your week feeling renewed and refreshed from time well spent on the weekend ( maybe a little extra sleep, some renewing social time, a yoga class, a visit to the Farmer’s Market, golfing, some outside time, whatever fills you up on the weekend, even if it is for one day). You come in to Monday and Tuesday feeling refreshed and revitalized. Here is the kicker, you maintain this vitality by sticking to a routine each day that includes water, movement, nutrient dense food, breath, thankfulness, laughter and BLEB ( Being Less Easily Bothered) by every day annoying occurrences ( my personal favourite). In this way, when we get to Wednesday, we have the energy to not only finish the climb to the top of the hill, but we sprint down the other side into Thursday and Friday with energy to spare for an amazing weekend.   It just makes for a more BALANCED week which is what we are all about here at Balanced Motion.

Enjoy your Hump Day (with energy to spare) and the Sunshine!



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