“Blog of The Week: Is There a Healthy Marshmallow?”

Blog June17

Is there a Healthy Marshmallow?

I got to thinking about this while flipping through the pages of the latest issue of Cottage Life Magazine. Now, that is one place you are not going to find a recipe for a healthy marshmallow. You may find this type of recipe in Clean Eating Magazine (which just happened to be sitting on my coffee table as well) but my guess is that it wouldn’t make in to the pages of Cottage Life.   So why is this?

My take on it is that Cottage Life Magazine is very much about memories and conjuring up feelings associated with those memories. Very few of us have memories of a gelatin/probiotic marshmallow ( click here for recipe). Yes, they have some great tips and tricks for septic systems and mice proofing but it is the recipes and the articles on entertaining friends and family that bring forth strong feelings, particularly around our connection to family recipes and rituals. Our connection to food at the cottage or camp or camping is amazingly strong. To this day, just a whiff of a roasted marshmallow transports me back to my childhood similar to how the smell of Captain Crunch Cereal whisks me back to sitting in my pajamas in my beanbag chair watching Saturday morning cartoons. These connections are engrained in us and very often bring a smile to our face and a warmth in our heart.

So, what is the issue? Well, the issue for me is that these warm and fuzzy memories are associated with smores, weiners, sausage, bacon, hamburgers, hotdogs, ribs, chicken wings, buns and bread and more buns, blueberry pies, tarts, pancakes, muffins, cheesecake….well you get the drift. I searched through last three issues of Cottage Life Magazine and could not find a recipe that did not have at least one cup of sugar ( usually more) and cups of white flour.

Yes, we can change it up ourselves and use healthier sugar substitutions, spelt flour, all natural weiners or veggie weiners, turkey bacon, turkey sausage, lots of veggies and watch our portions, as every little bit helps, but I am really stuck on the healthy Marshmallow.

The bigger question is, is it really necessary to find a recipe for a healthy marshmallow or do we just abide by the 80/20 rule ( eating healthy 80 percent of the time and cut ourselves some slack 20 percent of the time – which is slightly questionnable). Do we fill that 20 percent with marshmallows and weiners? My kids would say YES we Do!!

So, avid blog readers, there may be a healthy marshmallow out there but do we want to go there? I leave it to you J

Happy camping, cottaging and backyarding….


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