“Blog of the Week: Opportunities To Add More Movement To Your Day”


I am a gadget girl and I like any gadget that helps to motivate me. My newest gadget is the Fitbit. Fitbits are everywhere and they do multiple things like tract your sleep, steps, distance, calories. I like the   step tracker I find it to be a great motivator. Really it’s a numbers game for the brain. “How many steps can I get in the next hour or even better in the next hour how can I get in 5000 steps.” These mind games or challenges are a great way to increase how much we are moving in a day as well as making it fun. Each day presents a new challenge of how to incorporate more movement!

Quite often we think we are moving more than we actually are. It is recommended that we do 10,000 steps per day for general health and even more if weight loss is our goal. However for some people that number is pretty daunting. So let’s say you move 2500 steps in a day and you increased it to 5000 steps per day that is 50% increase. That is great work.

At the studio we work with our clients to help them get more movement into their day by making small changes. Once they are moving more then we look for more scheduled movement like a daily walk. This carries forward into better sleep, an increased sense of wellbeing, more positive thoughts and being mindful of their food choices throughout the day especially if the walk is first thing in the morning.

Be creative with your movement and look for any way to add more into your day. Challenge yourself with your Fitbit. Today I walked on my treadmill for 30 min and racked up 4300 steps, yah! How are you getting your movement in? Drop us a line on Facebook, a picture on Instagram or a tweet on creative ways you get your steps in! Happy moving

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Sherry Morton Jibb PTS. RYT. FIS. NWS, Certified Pilates Mat & Reformer Instructor Registered Yoga Teacher, Owner