“Blog of the Week: Keeping it Pure: The Journey of Mindful Eating”


Keeping It Pure: The Journey of Mindful Eating

Mindful eating – what a concept. Definitely a first world concern, when we have such abundance and choice. Here, in most cases we’re not concerned with the concept of ‘if’ we will eat but when and what we choose to eat. In this we are blessed. But… back to that phrase “mindful eating”… what does it mean exactly?

To me, mindful eating is about making informed, ecological, behavioural and nutritious choices about the food we choose to eat. In an ideal world we could strive toward eating locally grown, organically raised food that has little or no processing in order to prepare it. That definition covers the informed, ecological and nutritious part of mindful eating. But what about behavioural choices?

This is where we make choices about where we eat, how we eat, who we eat with and when. Do we treat each meal or snack with celebration or gratitude? Do we remember to chew enough and swallow before putting more food in our mouths? Do we notice the appearance, tastes, textures, smells and colours of our food? Are we seated comfortably but with good posture for digestion? Are we giving our meal our full attention?

Practising mindful eating can be a big piece in the weight loss journey. However, in our busy world, sometimes mindful eating can be challenging. With a bit of planning (and unfortunately sometimes extra cash) we can eat ecological and nutritious food. The behavioural goal of mindful eating can require more diligence in the world of business lunch meetings, eating on the run and eating in front of computers and televisions. Personally I struggle with this goal more and more. I find the busier I get the less well I do with this one. My digestion (or lack thereof) is the single strongest pull back to the behavioural habits of mindful eating. If you also struggle with mindful eating and wish to make some changes for the better, you may enjoy clicking here for some great tips. I will try to follow these tips too (I’m also going to try the recipe J ). Let me know how you do with mindful eating… I would love to hear your stories. And if you have any tips to add, please do… I need all the help I can get with practising mindful eating while enjoying a busy life.

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Lisa Goddard BA, BScOT, Certified Pilates Mat & Reformer Instructor, Owner