Blog of the Week: “Getting” a Good Night’s Sleep


Have you ever thought about the phrase “Getting” a Good Night’s Sleep”?   It is a phrase we may be uttering more often now in the Fall Transition as our sleep patterns may be disrupted. This is a natural reaction to the decreased daylight as our melatonin/serotonin levels adapt to the new light situation. If you find you are generally sensitive to seasonal/weather changes (and perhaps any change) then you may feel this more than others.

There are a few strategies to help our body and mind adapt to the decrease in daylight and hopefully improve our sleep and daytime energy. The most important is to have a consistent routine. This is sometimes easier said than done with all of our activities and commitments. But if we can go to bed and get up at the same time, eat our meals at similar times and even exercise at similar times each day (especially if you are able to get out in the sunshine each day) the body and the mind finds a rhythm. Every system in our body benefits from consistency and most of our systems do not tolerate a lot of changes or surprises. In fact, the more routine and consistent we can be with the big things such as sleep, food intake and exercise, the more we can be spontaneous in terms of other activities and opportunities that may arise – we have the energy to take advantage of them!

Finally, getting back to the “getting” to sleep. Once you have the rhythm and consistency in your day, notice the phrases you use around your sleep. If you use the phrase “getting ” to sleep try changing it to “falling” asleep or better yet, “Letting go” in to sleep. We have done the getting all day so now it is time to stop getting and just “let go” in to sleep. Try following the rhythm of your breath for a few breath cycles, think about or say aloud what you are grateful for, trust that the world will be fine as you slumber and drift off for a wonderful sleep.

Happy zzzzz,s


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