The joy of being a student

This past weekend while in London I got the pleasure of attending a Yoga class with my beautiful stepdaughter Andrea (also a Yoga teacher) in an outdoor studio. It is not often that I get to be the student but when I do I am reminded how wonderful it is. I love my home practice but I often find myself doing those asanas that I love and my body is so familiar with. In other words, dancing in my comfort zone. Attending a class presents new challenges for both my mind and body. Just listening to different cuing will often change how I move into or stay in a posture and I always enjoy that different perspective. I visited headstand in this class after a long hiatus, I forgot how much peace and joy I get from it. This experience has reignited my passion for the king of all asana (headstand). In life we are all students and if we embrace the learning whether that is through our Yoga or day to day happenings we are richer for these experiences.

The studio that I attended is in the heart of London on a very busy street. The owner has created a beautiful outdoor studio surrounded with gardens and benches. The space is just serene and you would never know that you are in the city, very creative. Not only did I get the treat of being a student but I got to practice in beautiful space. A big shout out to  Shangrila Yoga for a wonderful experience.

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