“Blog Of The Week:  A Shout Out To One Foot Forward”.

Our last two blog posts have highlighted the amazing fundraising efforts of the New Liskeard Bikers Reunion. At the risk of seeming repetitive, I am feeling in awe of the tremendous effort that went into another recent fundraiser which took place on July 9th in our small community, and wanted to give them a huge shout out today. Kudos to John and Shelly Zubyck who created One Foot Forward: Greyson Zubyck Memorial Dinner, Auction, Golf Tournament and Fun Run. John and Shelly are the loving parents 3 beautiful children. Six months ago they suffered the sudden and painful loss of their adorable middle child, Greyson. On their journey through grief this incredible idea sprang: a way to honour and remember their beautiful little boy while giving to the community in the form of a memorial fund that supports organizations promoting children’s sports and active living in our community. The fund is linked to the pre-existing Gordon Zubyck Memorial Fund (now the Gordon and Greyson Zubyck Memorial Fund), named for John’s father who was a strong presence in youth athletics in our community throughout his long career as a teacher and coach. Temiskaming Foundation will manage the fund going forward.  

John and Shelly, with the help of Shelly’s older brother, brainstormed the events of July 9th and have worked tirelessly ever since to create the incredible happening it turned out to be. The Zubycks are very connected in the world of hockey and politics so support for the events went far beyond our local arena. The Prime Minister sent a touching video to John, Shelly and our community which was played at the beginning of the dinner and auction. You can hear his kind words on the One Foot Forward Facebook page. TSN’s Pierre LeBrun also spoke up for the cause on CJTT and highlighted how this cause has touched the hearts of so many in the hockey world. The auction items were outstanding both for the live auction and for the silent auction. I am blown away and inspired by our community’s response to One Foot Forward. Temiskaming Shores rallied behind it, from the committee of people who organized in detail and executed 4 (plus one private) tremendously successful events spanning two days, the army of volunteers that gave their time and energy for the cause, the financial and in-kind support from local businesses and individuals, and the amazing local turn out for the events. In a small community fund raising is ongoing – there is always something worthy to donate to and, in many cases, larger projects would never see light without commitment and financial support from local individuals. But One Foot Forward touched the hearts of so many people on so many levels it was amazing how deep pockets went at the auction!! The final tally of funds raised will be announced soon but at last count the total was +$300 000.00. Way to go One Foot Forward for an incredible success and gift to the children of our community for years to come.

If you are interested in donating, please visit one-footforward.com or contact the Temiskaming Foundation.

Lisa Goddard B.A., BScOT, NWL, is a Certified Pilates Instructor with special training in Pre and Post-Natal Pilates. She co-owns Balanced Motion Pilates and Yoga Studio in New Liskeard, ON