“Summer Half Full or Half Empty?”


Welcome to the Long Weekend!  If you are like me, I normally consider this the half way point of summer ( July 1st loosely being day one).  Every year at this time my brain goes through a bit of an analysis – Have I done everything I said I would do this summer?  Have I had a good summer?  Has my family had a good summer?  What is left to do?   Very often, my first reaction is OMG…I can’t believe it is August Long Weekend and then when I get over that shock, my brain goes to… I feel like I haven’t done anything this summer.   Every single year I do this…ugh…

But, things seems different this year.  Perhaps it is age, perhaps a little more Yoga, Happiness and Positivity “training” and a little less Canada’s Wonderland in 40 degree heat – just kidding, great times and memories with the kids J ( as you can see from the photo of our visit last summer).  It is about appreciating and giving thanks for all of the little things that happen over the summer because it is summer.  Because the summer has been warmer this year ( than last), I have been able to do my yoga and meditation at sunrise ( or close to it…lol), grew my best herb garden ever, went strawberry picking at Aide Creek with my son Josh, have enjoyed amazing weekends and sunsets at the cottage with our extended family, kayaked at least once and got out to Pete’s Dam to take advantage of the new bridge which is amazing!  My husband , our dog Jammers and myself have enjoyed walking on our glorious Boardwalk most nights of the week.  It is wonderful to see so many of you on the Boardwalk and my apologies if our little 6 pound ball of energy has scared your dog or even you.  We are actually in the process of securing a dog Whisperer.

All we have left to do is camping on Lady Evelyn ( long weekend in September),  Boots and Heart CountryFest with my good buddy France Gauthier and the kids ( next weekend), one TGIF and hopefully get out golfing at least once.  So, considering the proverbial “cup half full, half empty”,  all in all it has been a summer very much half full with the second half ready to fill.

It actually has been a wonderful process to write it all down so, if you haven’t done this, give it a shot as you may be surprised by everything you have  experienced AND it gets you thinking about what you might want to do before the end of summer.

Enjoy your Long Weekend!

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Lorrie Mickelson M.A., B.A/BPHE, Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Pilates Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer, M.A., B.A/BPHE