Travelling Thoughts

I feel blessed to have had a banner year for travel. Having just returned from a most amazing trip to Santorini in Greece my wanderlust is basking in fresh experiences. As I blog this week my soul is still wandering so here are a few thoughts on travel – thanks Lorrie for affirming this😉

My hubby has a policy of conceiving the next travel adventure within a week or so of returning home. It is a great way to keep the travel bug alive and a coping skill for his stressful career. We have always thrived on seeing different parts of the world, partly since “staycations” have been difficult for him with his type of work. There are vast parts of the world we have not ventured to yet but as we discuss the possibilities I sometimes find I’m having low-grade anxiety. Partly the cultural unrest and aggression reported in the news daily doesn’t help. However, I’m throwing the age card down here folks. Let’s face it, part of the thrill of travel is experiencing new stuff and that thrill can teeter on the border of anxiety. Unfortunately for some of us, anxiety revs up with age (and peri-menopause, sigh). However I don’t want anxiety to get in our way ie. make good plans and smart travel choices. But when those moments of anxiety do pop up I feel grateful for my lifestyle/work in that I have the skills of breathing and meditation. Through breath and mindfulness I find I can manage and reframe my thoughts to manage my anxiety.

Airports is THE travel setting where anxiety can pop up and where I’m grateful for my lifestyle. For me the whole darn place and sequence of events is an exercise in patience, vigilance, posture (yup) and anxiety management. For example: finding your way, negotiating different types of machines, hauling your bag, dealing with stone-faced staff, standing in lines, knowing the travel rules (every airline is different and change their rules weekly it seems), standing in lines, waiting around, hauling your bag, is your flight on time, is the weather cooperative, will your bags come with you, standing in lines, waiting around, take-offs turbulence and landings, making connections, being physically searched and x-rayed in security, did I mention standing in lines and waiting around? Deep breathing to stay calm, Pilates core strength, people watching and stretching save my bacon in airports.

So then there’s the change in water and food that comes with travel. Water purification is paramount for North Americans travelling abroad. My brain welcomes the change in diet and finds it interesting. My gut, well, not so much sometimes. That’s why I maintain taking a probiotic everyday while away from home. I suffer a lot of teasing from family for my support of probiotics. And I won’t deny that we never travel without antibiotics these days (after ruining a few trips with gastro troubles). But I feel that my regular use of probiotics keeps my microbiome functional, especially when bombarded with new food and bev options. Let’s just say I don’t leave home without it and I’m always glad I didn’t. 
I should also mention that working/stretching the bod while on the road is a saviour for me. I’m sure immigration/border staff have rolled their eyes when looking through my bag because there is guaranteed to be Body Rolling Balls, yoga towel and other workout paraphernalia in there. This also has become a bit of a joke in my family but alas we do what we must and benefit from the choice.
As much as I enjoy travel, here I am happily settled at home now enjoying the studio, the beauty of the season and getting my hands dirty in the garden. These are welcome gifts that contrast the excitement of travel in a great way. 

As one of my fav singers says “It’s not getting what you want but wanting what you’ve got”. 

Enjoy your weekend friends. 

Lisa Goddard, BA, BScOT, Certified Pilates Mat & Reformer Instructor-Owner, HWL (Healthy Eating Weight Loss) Coach, Certified Yamuna Practitioner (Body Rolling)