The Sun will Come Out Tomorrow!

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I have been struggling with this Blog all week.  For those of you faithfully check our blogs on Wednesdays, yes I am a few days late.  I am not sure if it is the weather or that my brain is tired but writing is not coming easy to me this week.  You think it would be easy to write a blog as there is lots of material:  the weather ( the longest string of consecutive days of rain in June… in my lifetime anyways) , Canada’s 150th, ( go Canada go!) and a benchmark moment with my son’s graduation from Grade 12 ( Congratulations Timothy!) But, I am STILL struggling.  So, here I am on the Friday of the long weekend finishing this up so my brain can relax and I can begin the long weekend celebration!

As I dig a little deeper I think it is because I am feeling a little melancholy.  Now, I am not going to say sad, because it is not sad, it is just a little off.   Yes, there is no doubt it is the weather but it is also missing the energy and the hustle and the bustle of the Biker’s Reunion.  The brightly coloured yellow banners all over town, the big tent going up and fairgrounds filling up, and the sound of bikers revving their engines ( never thought I would say that) but I miss all of it.  It just doesn’t feel like July.  I am sure that the Committee Members are a little nostalgic this week as well but, after many years, they get a chance to celebrate Canada Day “off duty” with family and friends.  I am hoping that they are still basking in their success as they should be.  This community is still benefitting from all of their hard work and will benefit for years to come!

Nostalgic is how I guess I feel about Timothy’s graduation.  Wednesday, Graduation day,  was itself an off day.   I had pants on then a skirt, then a sweater then no sweater, then a raincoat and then no rain coat.  Rain, sun, thunder, lightening, hail ..…I could have a field day with analogies here. Suffice it to say, that over 18 years, it has been a mixed bag for sure ( but mostly sunshine of course).  I am so proud of all that he has become and all he will be.

So, the sun will come out tomorrow!  In fact, Timothy will be in Cuba tomorrow on a school trip where he is guaranteed sun.  Josh, my youngest will be in Timmins,  with some of you,  who will also be enjoying the Stars and Thunder concert.  Boy, I bet they had wished they had not put thunder in that title. And, have fun all of you heading to Ottawa for Canada Day.  I will be heading down to the Farmer’s Market, doing a little pick-me-up sidewalk sale shopping and enjoying all our little town has to offer.  Nothing like a few baked goods and some shopping to lift the spirits!

And, please, at some point this long weekend, let me be sitting on my dock, enjoying a cold beverage in the hot sun.

Let the Festivities Begin – Happy Canada Day Everyone!


Lorrie Mickelson, M.A., B.A./BPHE, Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Pilates Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer,, 705 647 2848.



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