Summer Extension? Yes Please!

Big hello to all! It’s been a few weeks since we posted a blog and as September is in full swing I have the honour of getting the blog ball rolling again. Routines are settling back into place for the fall with school returning, summer vacations wrapping up and fall extracurricular activities beginning. Our studio has a great line up of classes and workshops on our fall schedule and we are planning another fantastic Self-Care Day on Saturday October 21st (stay tuned for details). So for many, it’s business back to usual.

Ironically we are having the best stretch of weather we’ve had since July. Loving it!!! Looking ahead the weather forecast is for continued loveliness for a while yet and thank the stars! Roll on sunshine! I admit this weather has me stretching my summer mindset into September and I intend to hold onto that as long as possible. What a lot of rain we’ve had… a record high I believe. Hopefully this nice stretch isn’t too late for a successful harvest …. But I fear it is for some crops since we had such autumnal weather in August.

And as grateful as I am for our change in weather, it is in stark contrast to the current weather of the Caribbean and southern United States. So I feel compelled to mention the extreme hurricanes Harvey and Irma (plus, but less so, José and Katia) that have brought such devastation. Hurricane Irma brought winds of 130mph, huge storm surges and flooding, destroying homes, boats, infrastructure and vegetation. Some of you know my family lived in the Caribbean on a boat a while back and during that year we visited most of the islands that are now destroyed. A piece of my heart belongs in the Caribbean. We were incredibly lucky to have had an inactive hurricane season that year. It must be terrifying to live through something like a Category 4 tropical storm. Many friends and clients have friends and family, plus property in the affected areas. Millions of lives have been turned upside down. For small islands that rely on tourism for income there are some very bleak times ahead.

So what’s my message here? In some ways I feel I’m simply ruminating, because their situation saddens me so. But I guess the overlying sentiment is about how can we pull together and help each other!? Climate change is real. It is happening with devastating results, despite what Mr. Trump says. There will be lots of relief opportunities from these hurricanes that we can all contribute to. But closer to home, we can buy local as much as possible to keep supporting our farmers who have had a very trying growing season.

If you have thoughts to share/ suggestions about his topic please comment as I would love the dialogue.

For now, my friends enjoy being outside and be grateful for our beautiful and peaceful current weather. And when you are ready to head indoors for some exercise, come see us at the studio for some great classes, workshops and events.

Lisa Goddard, BA, BScOT, Certified Pilates Mat & Reformer Instructor-Owner, HWL (Healthy Eating Weight Loss) Coach, Certified Yamuna Practitioner (Body Rolling)


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