Grounding in the Fall

Happy Fall Everyone! What an incredible fall this has been. We may not have had much of a summer but we certainly have made up for it in September & October. This is my favorite time of year and I am always so grateful to call Northern Ontario my home. The colors are exceptional this year and the view around my house changes daily.  It is a great active time of year especially if you enjoy hiking, and it’s pretty much bug free, that’s big at my house.

As I write, this the leaves are gently dancing in the wind as the trees sway back and forth in the breeze. I am very aware of how deeply rooted the trees are, and in the fall as the weather changes they endure the winds, cooler temperatures and the loss of their leaves. I aspire to be like a tree in the fall with my feet well-grounded to the earth as the winds of change pull me in and out of balance. Often in the fall I feel a little scattered with lots going on between work, family, gardens, getting ready for winter. It is truly a busy time of year. The word I often use to describe how I am these days is “busy”.  I hear this lots from my clients as well. Even though we are busy with life it is so important to ground ourselves like the trees. I like to use movement, a hike in the bush, a long walk, Yoga at home, or attend a class, do Pilates because it is such a mindful practice. These all work well for me. Being grounded means you are present in your life, not obsessed with the past or future. Your energy is firmly planted in your body. Grounding ourselves pulls us back to the present moment, that place where reality lives and anchors us to our authentic selves. We connect with our body, mind, and spirit in a healthy way. When I am grounded I feel peaceful, calm and able to experience the joyful moments in everyday life. I find it easier to sit in mediation and really feel the benefits of consistent meditation. Feeling grounded is part of positive self-care for me. I would love to hear what you do to ground yourself! What works for one person may not work for another, so lots of good ideas will help people find their way.

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