Imagine a Pilates & Yoga Studio committed to helping you create balance: An energizing, bright, nurturing space where you will deepen your mind-body connection. Welcome to Balanced Motion Pilates & Yoga. At Balanced Motion we are committed to providing you with the ultimate Pilates and Yoga experience. Enjoy classes and private/semi-private sessions taught by knowledgeable, certified, experienced instructors. We are offering an exciting schedule of classes Monday through Friday. Please see our website for class times. If you wish to book or have any questions regarding private or semi-private sessions please contact us.

Balanced Motion Pilates & Yoga offers a supportive & inviting environment to help you achieve balance through movement. Pilates and Yoga develop core strength, lengthen & tone your muscles, help you gain more freedom of movement, improve posture as well as greatly decrease stress, increase energy and enhance your life. The beautiful and bright Studio is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment to enhance your Pilates & Yoga experience. Owners Lisa Goddard and Sherry Morton-Jibb are committed to providing a high quality, safe experience suited to meet your needs.

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