Body Rolling

What Is Body Rolling?

Body Rolling will help you maintain the health of your own neuromuscular and skeletal system.
Body Rolling is a therapeutic self-care practice which helps clients to develop a deeper relationship with their own bodies. It improves any type of body-oriented practice, from massage, and physical therapy, to yoga, Pilates and fitness training. It is an amazing complement to any physical activity.

Body Rolling is practiced on a 6 -10 inch ball using specific routines in a sequence that follows the logic of the neuromuscular system. Body Rolling releases tense muscles and fascia when you release your body weight toward the ground via the ball.  The pressure from the ball begins to stimulate the tendon, bringing increased circulation to the area and release through the entire muscle. We combine Body Rolling & Stretching to wrap up most Pilates classes at Balanced Mot

ion. As well we offer a full Body Rolling Stretch Class.

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