Pilates Reformer

What is a Pilates Reformer you ask…?

Despite the somewhat medieval name, the Pilates Reformer is actually an amazingly elegant machine. This machine provides finely tuned exercise resistance that allows one to work very precisely to develop good alignment, balanced core strength, and flexibility. The Reformer works your muscles in a lengthened position, creating long, lean tone.

The reformer is a bed-like frame with a flat platform on it, called the carriage, which rolls back and forth on wheels within the frame. The carriage is attached to one end of the reformer by a set of weighted springs.

There is probably no piece of Pilates equipment more famous than the Pilates reformer, and for good reason: The reformer makes a dramatic impression when you first see one and an even more dramatic change in the body when you use it.

Why Pilates Reformer

Joseph Pilates designed the Pilates Reformer machine to facilitate the mat exercises he created. Pilates Reformer exercises can be done by anyone irrespective of age and sex. It improves breathing patterns and corrects spinal and pelvic alignment.

When doing Pilates we focus on Key Principles such as core control, fluid motion and coordination. These become challenged with the use of springs on the Reformer Machine. When exercising on the reformer we work on the muscles in a lengthened position. It shapes and sculpts the body by creating long lean muscle.

It truly “reforms” the way you move.


A Pilates Jump Board is a vertical apparatus that attaches to the Pilates Reformer.

It provides many benefits to our bodies inside and out! Regular use of the Pilates Jump board:

  • Helps build bones
  • Eliminates stress on the joints
  • Helps with accurate posture during exercises
  • Builds speed and power of the lower body
  • Challenges the core
  • Elevates the heart rate
  • Trains coordination
  • Burns more calories than just using Reformer alone

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